Molecule Breakfast Meeting

Wednesday, October 27th from 08.30-10.00 a.m.

The Regional Election is getting closer, and we are preparing by inviting regional top candidates to a Molecule Breakfast digital event.

The Conservative People’s Party is gaining more national ground. More and smaller parties are arising. Corona has seized resources dedicated to development and operation, and hence, less attention has been paid to the general health political agenda. Thus, we want to celebrate our democracy in the regions, we want to celebrate the political engagement and involvement, and we want to offer our business partners the opportunity to ask questions to the regional candidates about the next term. We have invited leading candidates to share their view on each of their own region, and to tell us about their visions for the upcoming four years, and to introduce us to what they consider to be the greatest accomplishment in the next election period.

CEO Flemming Sonne from Amgros will give a status at our breakfast meeting. Amgros is owned by the five regions, and the most important task is to ensure supples of medicines to Danish hospitals procured at the best possible prices. Read more about Amgros here

If you have areas you would like Flemming to cover at the coming breakfast event, please let us know in Molecule.

Wednesday, November 10th, 09.00-10.00 a.m.

A playful world of evidence: BørneRiget

The Capital Region of Denmark, Rigshospitalet and Ole Kirk’s Foundation have joined forces in a partnership to build a new public hospital that sets new standards for the treatment of children, adolescents, pregnant women and their families. The title of the project is BørneRiget – Children’s Hospital Copenhagen.

At this Molecule breakfast event, we present Thomas Leth Frandsen, Chief Medical Project Officer for BørneRiget, Rigshospitalet and Lars Hyldgaard Olesen, Project Lead for BørneRiget, Ole Kirk’s Fond (The foundation is initially rooted in LEGO®). They will share insights and learnings from the BørneRiget project, their partnership, as well as their view on how LEGO® and playing fit into the evidence world of healthcare.

If you have questions for Lars and Thomas, you can send them beforehand here.

Read more about BørneRiget here:

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