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Breakfast Meeting – with Professor Lars Peter Østerdal on QALY

QALY (quality-adjusted life year) is on its way to be included in the economic evaluations of the Danish Medicines Council. Therefore, we have invited Lars Peter Østerdal, head of department and professor, Copenhagen Business School, to introduce us to the concept of QALY in evaluations, pros, cons and pitfalls.

Lars will explain the challenges of including equality considerations in the use of QALY, and furthermore, he will touch upon Norway’s experience in formalising integration of equality considerations.

Use this opportunity to ask your questions and to become even better prepared for the ongoing discussions and the upcoming new methods.

Due to Covid-19 we are rescheduling our breakfast meeting. And we are considering a new concept of having breakfast together – with a distance. We will keep you informed on the coming – probably digital QALY breakfast.

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Breakfast Meeting – with Professor Lars Peter Østerdal on QALY

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