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Are you considering bringing topics into the public debate?

Molecule Health Talks (MHT) is the framework for continuously challenging and discussing Denmark’s choices regarding health, life science, technology, and sustainability. We invite decision-makers and key stakeholders to discuss trends and present topics within the healthcare sector.

Molecule Health Talks is a professional network where you have a unique opportunity to interact with healthcare thinkers, doers and changemakers.

Molecule helps customers and partners drive improvements in and around healthcare. This often involves acting on knowledge, creating less variance in effect across populations and more cost-effective prevention, health, and connectivity.

An accelerator for improvements can be to create a solid knowledge base and then bring together decisive and action-oriented people for a public discussion of opportunities and barriers regarding the potential improvement.

Upcoming Molecule Health Talks:
NHT – August 12, 2024: @ Molecule Consultancy’s office space at Rebel Workspace, Copenhagen Ø
Fall – October 3, 2024: @ Molecule Consultancy’s office space at Rebel Workspace, Copenhagen Ø

Contact Johanne Flowers – – if you would like to learn more about how you or your company can engage in the public health discourse at Molecule Health Talks.


Molecule health talks

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    NHT - Health Structure Reform in a Nordic Perspective - August 12, 2024

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    Upcoming molecule health talks

    NHT – Summer 2024

    August 12, 2024 – @Molecule Consultancy, Copenhagen

    Previous molecule health talks

    MHT – Autumn 2023

    October 26, 2023 – @ Molecule Consultancy, Copenhagen

    Folkemødet 2024

    June 13-15, 2024 – @ Folkemødet Bornholm

    Folkemødet 2023

    June 15, 2023 – @ Folkemødet Bornholm – Grønbechs Hotel Folkescene

    NHT – Spring 2023

    March 29, 2023 – Live streaming &
    physically in Stockholm

    MHT – Healthy future

    March 23, 2023 – @ Molecule Consultancy, Copenhagen

    ”Et forum, hvor vi kan mødes på tværs af rigtig mange dagsordener på sundhedsområdet”

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    Please contact us if you would like to know more about Molecule Health Talks, or if you have a topic you think should be on the agenda.

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