The Danish Government launched a new life science strategy on Friday, 16 April 2021

For the first time in Danish history, a life science strategy was launched not only by the Minister for Industry, Business, and Financial Affairs but also by the Minister for Health, the Minister for Higher Education and Science, and the Minister for Foreign Affairs. This indicates a strong governmental dedication to the strategy. The time horizon for the strategy is 2021-2023. The substance and the financing hereof are to be negotiated with the rest of the Parliament in the near future.

The life science strategy intends to stimulate that Denmark can keep its increasingly leading position in innovative healthcare and welfare solutions as a provider of medicine, biotech, and medtech, and secure and improve a healthcare sector where the patients’ preferences are at the core.

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To build cathedrals, we must join forces

‘Sustainability – how can we inspire and learn from each other?’ That was the theme when Chief Sustainability Advisor and Vice President in Novo Nordisk, Susanne Stormer, and Director Tommy Kjelsgaard, Danish Regions met for a dialogue at Molecule Consultancy’s digital breakfast event this week.

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