The Danish Government establishes a new Danish Life Science Council 

The Danish Government presents a new national Life Science Council. The council is one of the vital initiatives in the Danish Life Science Strategy from May 2021. 

The council is a first of its kind and is established to strengthen the collaboration between public and private stakeholders. The council will focus on the framework for the life science industry and how the industry can contribute to better treatment for patients in the health sector. The Danish Minister for Industry, Business, and Financial Affairs presented the council on the 16th of December along with the yearly economic footprint analysis of the life science industry. 

The Life Science Council will meet twice yearly and consists of 20 appointed members representing the whole life science ecosystem, e.g., members from the industry, authorities, foundations, clinicians, the Danish association of Pharmaceutical Industry, several patient associations, and universities. Lars Rasmussen, chairman at Coloplast, and Lundbeck is appointed chairman of the council. 

The yearly economic footprint analysis 

The economic footprint analysis demonstrates that Denmark’s life science industry holds a leading and unique position. In 2020 the industry was responsible for more than 20% of the total Danish export of goods, equivalent to 20,44 billion Euros. The numbers mark almost a tripling of the export during the last 12 years. Furthermore, the industry had a turnover of approximately 33 billion Euros in 2018 and contributed more than 3.2 billion Euros to the public finances in Denmark. 

Read more about the Life Science Council and see all of the members here  (in Danish)Find the economic footprint analysis here (power-point version in Danish)