Molecule Consultancy is a communication agency specialised in life science

We are trusted advisors to a wide range of healthcare customers from big pharma to biotech startups, and have worked with every disease area - from the acute to the chronic, the rarest to the most common.
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Morning meetings

Under the common theme: ‘The way to the future pharmaceutical market’ we invite decisionmakers and agenda setting stakeholders to discuss trends and hot topics in healthcare at our morning meetings. The Molecule Morning Meetings are set in a professional network format, where you get an excellent opportunity to interact with the thinkers, movers and change agents amongst your industry colleagues.

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We are dedicated to life science communication and to making a difference for our clients. We believe the two are inseparably linked.

We deliver communication that adds value – from strategy, through development and production, to implementation.

We are passionate about what we do. We understand the details and can communicate the nuances. We find great inspiration in working in the cross field between people, politics and science. It requires empathy, integrity and insight, and it is a precondition for producing results.

We believe in specialisation – at industry and employee level, and in relation to our business partners. We always appoint the best team for the task.

We understand and adhere to the ethical regulations in the Nordic markets as laid down by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), by Creativity and Communication, The Association of Advisory Creative Business and by the Confederation of Danish Enterprise. We consider this mandatory when working with a highly regulated field such as the pharmaceutical and life science industry. Read more.

The team

Mette Thorn Sørensen

Managing Director and Partner

+45 41 38 43 00

Charlotte Tauber

Director and Partner

+45 40 94 11 10

Susanne Holm Schäffer

Director of Digital Communication and Partner

+45 61 63 77 10

Trine Petersen

Director of Analysis, Market Access and Public Affairs

+45 20 60 28 25

Viki Rachlitz

Creative Director

+45 30 61 67 36

Louise Munch Blicher

Creative Lead

+45 47 47 47 06

Maria Alstrup

Digital Senior Advisor

+45 30 26 56 50

Karina Kvisgaard

Senior Communications Advisor

+45 26 72 80 80

Emilie Lund Egsmose

Analyst and medical writer

+45 27 36 46 56

Katharina Lindevig Vasehus

Medical Writer

+45 26 83 17 57

Louise Hansen

Medical Writer

Tenna Fonnesbo

Digital Senior Project Manager

+45 26 84 08 04

Sanne Lee Winding

Social Media Consultant

+45 31 41 13 20

Victoria Torp

Social Media Consultant

+45 41 11 95 90

Alberte Sejling

Social Media Consultant

+45 26 37 09 19

Christina Maria Friis Mathiasen

Social Media Consultant

Caroline Emilie Christensen

Communications Consultant

+45 25 37 06 67

Rie Strøbeck Pedersen

Market Access Konsulent

Laura Hjortkjær


Jessica Baasch Høstved

Office and Finance Manager

+45 26 11 36 10

Thomas Bolvig Amorøe

Finance supporter

Katrine Bay

Medical Writer

+45 26 15 30 42

Lasse Bøegh Henckel

Web Designer

+45 25 90 09 45



+45 26 82 50 70

Line Flindt

Graphic Designer

+45 26 25 90 98